Segment: Mining

MINAS DE ORO NACIONAL MEXICO Stock Pile and Overland Conveyor

New Stock Pile and Modifications to Overland Conveyor Mechanical and Civil / Structural Engineering. Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering services for a New Stock Pile, and reclaiming system, and 4 limestone hoppers on the Overland Conveyor belt at the Mulatos...

YAMANA, Gualcamayo Project Deep Carbonate Plant

 Pre Feasibility Study Deep Carbonate Plant Conceptual Engineering. Mechanical, Piping, Electrical and Control & Instrumentations. 3D model. Capex and Opex. Bidding process support.

GLENCORE, Minera Alumbrera Ltd. Pebbles feeding system

Complete Civil /Structural of 4 new Conveyor Belts as part of the Pebbles Grinding Plant Upgrade Project.

YAMANA, Gualcamayo Project Agglomeration System

Detail Engineering for new agglomeration System Detail Engineering. Mechanical, Piping, Electrical and Control & Instrumentations added over the existing production line. 3D model. Bidding process support.

Minera Alumbrera DCP water recovery system

Hydraulic engineering for the DCP water recovery system.


Structure pathology Analysis and Solution design. Reinforcement of the primary crusher superstructure. Gdor. Manantial Espejo Gold and Silver Mining Plant.