Analysis and Designs

Calculation and dimensioning of steel structures.

Based in national and international codes and standards, we design and calculate steel structures for typical and special conections.

Calculation for Reinforced Concrete Structures

We perform design and structural calculations for superficial and deep foundations, superstructures and heavy equipment foundations. We use the most modern calculation techniques, including programs based in the finite elements method.

Calculations for vibrating equipments

The influence of the equipments’ vibrations on foundations of buildings or superstructures is a critical issue to avoid resonance and structure failures. We do dynamic analysis considering the soil-structure-equipment interaction to achieve designs that are optimal and functional.

Mechanical Designs

We develop General Arrangements to define the Industrial Plants´fisonomy using the current design criteria in international scope. To achieve this we develop the Lay Out of the installation, design Conveyor belts, helicoidal conveyors, bucket elevators and feeders according to CEMA codes. We also design and calculate hoppers, chutes and storage silos in order to complete the transportation in bulk inside the plant. The control of dust generated in the process, is important in industrial plants responsible. For this we provide the solutions needed in calculations and designs aspiration ducts, filters and fan. Calculation Notes, Data Sheets and Technical Specifications for procurement and purchases of equipment and services.


We calculate and design pipings for Processing plants following the specific design criteria for each application. We develop general piping and supports plans as well as the Isometry of the project. We contribute to your tender with spread sheets of equipements (pumps, compressors, tanks, etc) and technical specifications for these equipements. We bring our experience to our customers by developing standardized documents as “Piping Class,” Technical Specifications for Piping Materials, Criteria Assemblies, Coatings, Welding and Pipe Protection.