Additional Services

3d Digital model

We perform 3D digital model of the facilities, the main tool for the analysis of interference.

Hydraulics Enginneers

Sanitary sewers´projects. Urban and rural dreinage. Hydraulic competence in premises such as private neighbours. Industrial dreinage. Drain computing. Channels design.


Design of primary and secondary potable water piping, sewage and pluvial drainage. Roads and road accesses.

Materials list

Spreadsheets for rebar lists, material take off.

On site Technical Assistance and Consulting

We offer technical consulting to companies and public entities. Technical assistance and works supervision.

Technical Specifications

We prepare Design Criteria, Technical Specifications for materials and assembly for project developments.

Topograhic Surveys and Geotechnical Studies

Measurement, cadastral subdivisions and lotting. In site altimetry drawings and explorations.